Oh, look, there's nothing actually here right now.

There will be, though. Someday.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to get a taste of my writing, visit MY BLOG,
basically a
choose-your-own-adventure book that's still in progress.

I also wrote a novel.
It is a story about BIRDS going on ADVENTURES.

Here are the opening lines for the dramatic trailer I intend to film for it:
In a world where CIVILIZATION has been overtaken by ANIMALS,
one BIRD must venture forth, to DELIVER LETTERS. On her perilous QUEST,
she will DISCOVER new friendships and EXCITING LANDS. She may even...
against all odds..deliver...A LETTER.

As you can see, it is an incredibly dramatic story.

Things I can guarantee:
1. Talking birds.
2. The delivery of (at least one) letter.

If you like birds, and you like crazy, and you like the postal service, and you like friendship and
adventures, then maybe, just maybe, this is a book you might want to read. Maybe.
"So when can I read this book?!?" you shout, crazily, into the night.
Well, it's under review. It was drafted, and then expanded, and then it underwent major revision, and now a third party is checking my revisions so I can probably make more revisions. Writing a novel, it's kind of a lot of work? Who would have guessed.

More on this story as it develops.

I shall leave you with a photograph of my protagonist:

  (not my photo - click through for credit!)