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The Wild World of Inanimate Objects

  The Wild World of Inanimate Objects. Oil on canvas. 36x18

Let it be known to all that I am terrible at coming up with titles for my paintings and I actually hate thinking up titles. So this title? One of my few success stories, in that I actually like it and think it's not too bad.

For this painting, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and just experiment. There's a lot going on here, multiple large pieces and all that, and I was actually on a time crunch (I was doing this for class), and I barely finished it. There was a lot I could have done with this, a lot of polishing and detail that I just didn't have the time for.

Inanimate objects have always been a struggle for me. Because they're boring. Okay, it's a bunch of oranges sitting in a bowl, or some bottles standing around--who cares? There's no story there. Nothing is happening. They are not alive. To the person who can weave an interesting story from a bowl of oranges: please come over so I can high-five you.

Still life. It is not my interest or my strong suit. It's awesome if it's yours, but it's not mine. But I had to paint still life anyway! So I said: well let's find a way to make it interesting. Let's find some way to give it life! Let's go crazy with it and have weird angles and crazy colors and vines painted on the violin and let's just enjoy this, as much as we possibly can. And ba-bam! A still life that was actually fun and didn't make me want to fall asleep.

I think you can probably understand my excitement, then, when one of the teachers said she thought it looked like the objects were dancing. I wanted to scream "yeeeeeeeeees!" and start dancing myself! Because that meant that I had succeeded in my goal. Of making the non-living come alive.