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The Lizard's Collection

The Lizard's Collection. Oil on canvas. 2013. 24x30

I refer to this as a Learning Experience Painting. That's what I call paintings that I learned a lot from, but don't necessarily like very much.
It is very true that one can focus so much on details, or particular technique, that one forgets the bigger picture. I feel like that happened here, in many ways. I was so focused on various minute aspects of this painting; but in other areas, I seem to have been almost comically careless. The end result is a piece that gives me a whole lotta mixed feelings.

My focus was on transparency, and colors, and getting the objects to actually look like glass, because the look of glass was something I failed to achieve every other time I've tried to paint it. On that front, I think I did succeed, to a certain extent. I definitely did a better job than I have on previous attempts! The lizard was a last-minute addition -- he didn't appear until my final few days of work, and was very quickly sketched in.

One thing that got in my way was that I lost interest and motivation for this painting very quickly. I started out quite enthused, but quickly became disenchanted. I really wanted to take on the challenge of painting glass again, and this excited me, but often I find inanimate objects to be rather boring, so if I'm not careful, my interest down spirals. I had some grand plans for trying to make it look something like a city, but that sort of fell by the wayside.

Aw, well. I'm not a big fan of this painting, but it was educational. Were I to paint this again, or something like it, I would approach it differently.