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Watercolor Sunflowers

Watercolor Sunflowers. Watercolor (who would have guessed!).
Painting is temporarily unavailble for exact measurements, but it's in the 22x15 range. Framed.

This was a very educational painting. I learned how to do shading in watercolor (sort of, in theory; I don't claim to be good at it!), and I learned that I have a knack for composition (sometimes, anyway. sometimes  -- and I would say that I owe a debt to experience, practice and training, that I've done a lot of painting and one does develop a feel for it over time. But I won't deny that is very easy and very intuitive for me). These sunflowers are very bold, very in-your-face, and I like that. This piece has received many high compliments, and I really enjoy it.

Aside from a few mistakes I feel like it looks very professional, and that's startling and weird to me and I look at it and think "gosh, what a weird fluke this painting was! Who painted that? Couldn't have been me!"

This photograph isn't the best, and I apologize for that -- the lighting is less-than-ideal. It's framed now, too, which actually makes it a little harder to take pictures of, but maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.