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Summer Redwoods

Summer Redwoods and Rhododendron. Oil on canvas. 36x18

Ah, well, hm. This one. I always think "I don't like this painting much", but actually looking at it now, it's not quite so bad. I worked really hard on that Rhododendron bush. That's what I really remember about painting this.

The redwoods are flat and dull. The entire background is sort of flat and dull but the branches are nice, they have nice movement and colors. I don't know I just don't think that's it's super interesting. It seems kind of boring and generic and lifeless. But I can see it having appeal.

I painted it at the same time as the next painting, 'Autumn Birch Trees', and they're a pair, same size and everything, meant to go together. I was going to paint Winter and Spring too, but that never happened.