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Angel and Squirt

 Angel and Squirt. Oil on canvas. Sold. Approx 11x14

This was a commission, asking for my interpretation of Madonna and Child!
I wanted to do a true interpretation, so that qualities suggested by the Madonna and Child
would be present, but it might not be immediately recognized. Really, it's only a loose association.
A piece more inspired by, than represents, I think.

Really, I think, I was distilling it into motherhood, with some sense of wonder, or hope.
And when I think of those things, I think of how I've seen mother cats, with the most beautiful
expressions on their faces. They look so happy. Exhausted, too, usually, but happy. And I remember
always being struck breathless when I saw that look, on stray cats, and on cats I knew. I found
it beautiful, inspiring, warm, always so interesting and incredible to watch mother cats look
after their kittens. So you can see it was my personal memories and experiences that lead me
straight to cats, and I couldn't let it go; I just had to use cats in my interpretation. It's
meaningful to me.

And, just a note here, I failed to capture that expression I was talking about in this painting.
Aw, well - maybe I'll try again sometime. Though someone did comment that the cats look happy,
so...I'm glad about that.

I do know the cats I used as my Reference Cats! This is Angel and her daughter Squirt.
They were an adorable, loving pair. Squirt's all grown up now, and enjoys crawling under
blankets, catnip, and being in charge.

You can see in-progress shots, and more info on my reference material, by checking out
this post on my blog.