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Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat. Oil on canvas. 36x18

I like this cat. I walk by this painting a lot, often when I'm walking out of the house to go somewhere, and looking into those green eyes feels reassuring. This steady cat is a calming presence.

 My reference picture was a leopard, but I wasn't feeling spots; I chose to paint stripes instead, and changed it into some mythical made-up jungle cat.

The stripes aren't aligned properly on the forehead, and that'll never stop bugging me. It serves as a warning, to myself and all careless artists-in-training: this is what happens when you don't bother to measure things properly! Often I become overwhelmed when I'm painting; I get caught up, start thinking about too many things at once, and forget about the basics -- like how the simplest little measurement check can prevent wonky stripes.

I will never stop wondering if those crazy whiskers were really the right choice. I'm leaning towards yes? But you'll have to decide.

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