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Cat in a Cup

  Cat in a Cup. Oil on canvas. 20x24

Imagination explosion! That's what this is. There was a real cup I was looking at, and a real book, and a fishbowl with some fake, cardboardy orange fish in it. I knew immediately that I wanted those fish out of the bowl, and I wanted the cup and the book. I drew in some leaves, and everything went kind of crazy. This is what happened. I'm not even sure how. 

I learned a lot from this painting: mostly amorphous, unclear mental things about letting go and having fun, and so it marks a certain turning point in my work. I tried a lot of things in this painting, just to see how they would work out. That's what this painting's all about. Reckless abandon, I suppose! I'm someone who is often very scared to try for fear of failure, so getting over that, and learning to try anyway, and learning how to make peace and keep moving forward even when it does result in failure - that's all important stuff for me. You've got to keep trying, got to keep moving. That's certainly what this painting says to me.