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Autumn Birch Trees

Autumn Birch Trees. Oil on canvas. 36x18

Yes, well. These are birch trees! Yup. Birch trees.
Hm. I'm having a little trouble thinking up something
to say. Well. I painted this during the phase where
I was doing landscapes to try and "loosen up" and
be less of a perfectionist. It was a fun painting. I
like birch trees. I like the colors near the bottom,
the bright yellows greens and oranges. Birch trees
are neat huh. Yeah. I'm afraid I just don't have much to say about this one.

To make the birch trees more
interesting I blended subtle shade of color onto
each of them, and I really liked that. I thought it was neat and made them way more interesting and lively. I was disappointed that nobody commented on that decision.

 I actually enjoyed painting in the little brown markings on each of the trees. Sometimes tedious things are fun like that.