"I just want to follow my own path," you say. "I need to. That's why I'm here. I thought you understood that. I thought that was the agreement and it was going to be respected. I didn't sign up to be your servant, or your assistant, or your slave."

There is a long silence, as you simply stare at each other.

She looks sad, now, just sad.

But that sadness fades, slowly. It's almost like you can feel it melt. Like you can feel it pooling around your feet and starting to evaporate. A buzzing sound fills your ears as her fur seems to spark with color, shining suddenly with a pink so bright it's almost white. Her eyes are red as blood.

Her voice echoes around you. Her mouth does not move. "You have until sundown. Leave. You won't be able to come back."

"Leave, or suffer our consequences."

You swallow hard, and blink -- in that very instant, she's gone. Just gone. Vanished. It takes a moment to register her disappearance, the empty air above the grave stone not making any sense when there was a squirrel there half a millisecond before. You scan the entire grave yard. Nothing. Not the slightest trace of mammal fur, pink or otherwise.

You never got the impression that Pink Squirrel was some sort of authority. You never got the impression that this place was truly sinister, even if it could be a little...strange, and unsettling, sometimes. Maybe you were wrong.

Maybe you were so, so wrong.

[No matter what, you need to get out of this grave yard. This squirrel-forsaken grave yard.] 30.