“I’m not threatening you. I’m informing you. This is how it works here. These are the cold facts. Get used to them, or leave. That’s all I’m saying. This is a restricted community. I thought you understood this when you decided not to leave. We were very generous just to let you enter at all, even for one measely second, I’ll have you know! It’s not simple, letting someone like you stay here! And you have so much talent! By helping us you’ll be helping yourself.” She’s sounding less angry and more desperate. “Please don’t be angry with me,” she whispers. “It’s just hard, you know. This isn’t an easy place to live. We all need to work together here. I’m sorry if I sound overly harsh. I admit to being a poor teacher. I’m not gifted at it. Not like my father. But I’m the only one who will even try.”

[Agree to help, and track down Mockingbird.] 32.

[Insist that you want to do things your own way.] 33.