You blink, and she’s gone. You whirl around, looking all around the grave yard. No trace of pink fur anywhere. She vanished in an instant. She’s certainly disappeared before, but – never in such a true blink of the eye. Your heart races. It’s creepy. Downright creepy. As if she were a ghost. And now she could be anywhere. She could be watching you, still. She might be angry with you. And she’s just a little squirrel, but still – you really don’t know what she’s capable of. You really know so little about her. You know so little about this place, so little about anyone or anything here.

Lately, you’ve been feeling at home. But now you feel lost again. Just like that.

And now you’re alone, in a squirrel grave yard. Probably alone in a squirrel grave yard.

You shiver slightly as a cool breeze slips past your ear.

[You probably shouldn't stay much longer.] 30.