She looks up at a sky that is as blisteringly blue as she is blisteringly pink.

“He got lost in an orange grove once. He ended up in a box and was shipped very far away. None of us are sure how it happened. Getting back home involved several gangs of pelicans and a stolen radio. Don’t ask me for details. I don’t know them.”

She looks very far away. The grave yard is achingly quiet. You think you hear a frog, somewhere in the distance – but it’s probably just your imagination. Some sort of wishful thinking.

“Oh, that reminds me – you should go see Mockingbird. Ask her what the latest news is. I didn’t see her this morning, which means someone really ought to go track her down. That someone is you.”

[Agree. You’ve only seen her once, but you can find her. Probably.] 32.

[“Why me?”] 23.

[“I don’t want to.”] 26.