"That's marvelous." Her fur is so aggressively pink; it seems to shimmer as a beam of sunlight hits it.
 "I'm always glad to know you're enjoying your time here. You were such a lost little thing. And I'm such a worrier. Well, I won't keep you."

She's gone before you can say anything else. Or ask her any questions.
She's always disappearing like that. You have yet to figure out where it is she disappears to.

The forest is silent. It's usually quiet, and you usually enjoy it, but this silence feels a little ominous.
You ought to move on. Make your way somewhere else, perhaps as quietly and carefully as you can.

[The fish in the pond might know what's happening -- make your way there.] 5.
[Keep venturing around the trees -- see what this area might have to show you.] 6.