Experimental Text Adventure

[WARNING: everything you see is goofy first draft writing! written at a quick pace and with no revising!]

This is your home.

You made your way through the tangled undergrowth, to find this place.

You left the city lights and the warm pavement. You're here now, under rustling leaves. Crickets whisper. You are not alone.

The trees are tangled together. Among the viridian rainbow of their spring leaves, you catch a glimpse of the pink squirrel.
She greets you, as she has since you first arrived.

She asks how your day has been so far.

["Perfectly wonderful."] 1.
[*shrug*] 2.
["Dismal and depressing."] 3.
["I'm still waiting for it to unfold."] 4.

((This is an in-progress adventure. You will
hit dead ends, and you will hit them relatively quickly, depending on your choices.
Sorry about that. You can wait for a more substantial experience, or plow right ahead if the unfinished state doesn't bother you!