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I am not currently on facebook/twitter/anywhere else.
Yes! That would be wonderful! 99% of my work is currently available for purchase.
This includes paintings, sculptures, drawings--anything that's in my possession, anything
that has not already been sold/gifted/eaten by dogs. If it doesn't say "sold" or "unavailable"
somewhere in its accompanying text, you can safely assume that it's for sale, and that I would
be happy to sell it to you.

For paintings, unavailability is listed in the tiny text that includes size, title, etc,
so look there. If it doesn't say gifted or sold, I still have it.

Prices vary, but do not currently exceed 200$.
If you want to buy something, e-mail me! We'll talk about it.

Some of my paintings are now sold conveniently through my Etsy store as well.

The name that appears alongside my e-mail - if you're viewing a reply in
gmail or something similar - is Emily the Iron Cat. It's my nickname,
and it proves that I am Tough and Unstoppable, just like this true iron cat, right here:

    (e-mail me at any time for more gratuitous cat pictures)